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“QED” in Latin means “quod erat demonstrandum” (“that which was to be demonstrated”), a notation which is often placed at the end of a mathematical proof to indicate its completion.  Our mission is to identify students’ learning problems so you can take them to their natural logical completion.

Our company will bring the iQEDucator Service to schools, busy teachers and parents, and home school professionals.  It efficiently pinpoints where students have missed a piece of learning.  Available in the privacy of home, school or learning center, iQEDucator is for over-worked teachers and worried parents who need quicker and clearer answers.  iQEDucator mechanizes error-analysis to find those answers.  You’ll fill the holes in the achievement gap, but first we’ll find the holes for you.

Lauri Boren

Lauri Boren

Lauri Boren has had 25 years of education experience with expertise in teaching general education with a broad range of topics. She has been a special education teacher for seven years, and an IEP educator assessing and writing IEP for over a decade. Additionally, Ms. Boren has taught Spectrum and APP, special education, homeless learners, English language learners, children in trauma and crisis, and medically-fragile children. She has taught as a science specialist and as a math focused teacher. She was a Fellow in the Partnership for Science and Engineering Practices working on developing assessments in Common Core science courses and was twice nominated for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She has a Masters in Teaching, BA in liberal arts and is continuing to study for a PhD. She has been an adjunct professor at The Evergreen State College’s, “Introduction to Special Education Teaching.”

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Karen Pappas

Karen Pappas

Karen runs the technical and business side of iQEDucator.   She has over 30 years of IT experience in the Property and Casualty Insurance industry.  Karen has a BS in Business Administration / Accounting from the University of South Carolina.


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Success Stories

“I have taught fifth grade for about 25 years and for the last 5 years I have used iQEDucator.
When I have worked with iQEDucator in my classroom, I have gotten a complete picture about what understandings my students have and what they did not have. Because of that, I have been able to select small groups and teach to that group’s specific needs, helping single individuals with their struggles. It has helped me because I can quickly identify what bits of learning are shaky or missing understanding. Added to that was the complete relief the students would feel when they understood that the test would not come with a passing or failing grade, but the tests were there to help me help them.
It was wonderful!

For example, last year I did some testing and found that there were 5 students that were having difficulties with number sense in both whole numbers and fractions. Using the iQEDucator tests, I found out where their limits were and I was able to concentrate on the understanding of numbers as they switch to different periods. Once I found out about the misunderstanding of whole numbers, I purchased $30 worth of pennies. I showed the students how to count them and had each of them physically practice counting. The kids took turns counting the bag of pennies. Since we knew there were a total of 3,000 pennies, I would take a handful and the students were required to tell me how many I had the next day. If I worked with one student, I would make an agreement that when they could get 10 days of correct answers, I’d give them the bag.

Directing a lesson at a group who was having misunderstanding about the concepts of mixed numbers, I taught them to count by 1/4s noting that each time they got to 4/4, it was also a new whole number. That whole number then became part of the chant. This formalized the pattern of counting and was matched up with models of 1/4s pieces. Just like in the whole numbers, I had them practice counting and supplying me with correct answers.

Kids need to work these ideas into their brains, with their bodies. Jump-rope chants can serve them well, but so can an egg carton.

In the past, I would have skimmed over this using the regular curriculum. Since I took the time to have the students work through the iQEDucator tests, I saved so much more time later since I didn’t have to back-track.

I was able to teach the students and they were able to understand.”

-May 2020

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