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Time:  Your Most Valuable Asset



As a classroom educator, time is one of your most valuable assets.  You want to help as many students as possible overcome their daily hurdles.  Yet, you are limited between teaching an individual student vs. managing a classroom.

We’re here to help you.  With the iQEDucator™ testing analysis service, multiple students can be simultaneously evaluated in multiple learning environments.  The results are instantaneously compiled and available for the entire school year.

Our weighted miscue and error analysis is available in both textual and graphical formats.  These reports and views can be tailored to 1 student or the entire class.

By saving time, you can focus on teaching the student individual techniques that will help him/her solve a series of problems.

The iQEDucator analysis testing service is more than just pushing a student to the next grade level.  You can now do what you became a teacher to do: educate your students!




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