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We’re excited about your interest in iQEDucator testing!

We have two options available to suit your needs:

1. Individual, Single Use Tests

How it Works:

  • Select the tests you would like to purchase.
  • Once these tests are purchased, an email with the links to each test will be sent to the purchaser.
  • After the tests have been taken, the results are obtained and presented to the user in report form.
  • Parents or teachers/tutors can then work with the individual student based on the results of the tests.

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2. Classroom Testing

How it Works:

  • Typically there will be one teacher and up to 30 students will be associated with that teacher.
  • Tests are then purchased by or for the teacher.
  • Next, the teacher assigns tests to their students.
  • The students will all receive unique IDs and passwords that will allow them to log in and take the tests.
  • After the tests have been completed, the teacher can review the results for a single student and/or the entire class.
  • The results are available in a report format or in a graphical presentation.
  • This allows the teacher to identify groups of students for more targeted lesson plans.

If you are interested in getting a Classroom setup, please complete the form below:

Please enter an approximate classroom size to allow us to provide accurate pricing and classroom configuration.
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